Our Story

Hi. I’m Mark Hulbert and I’m the owner of Hulbert Financial Group (or HFG as we like to call it).

HFG has been in business since 1989 but the idea of owning my own financial services firm really started in 1960, with my father, Matt Hulbert Sr. My father was an agent with Equitable for over 40 years. Growing up, sometimes I would meet his clients and they would tell me how grateful they were for the advice he gave them. I didn’t realize it then but this had a big impact on me.

After graduating from Colgate, I spent my first few years teaching and coaching at a prep school in Massachusetts. I enjoyed teaching and coaching – but I always had a curiosity and desire to learn more of the world of investing and finance. In 1989, my mother had some health problems so my father decided to start his pension early to spend more time with her. Since he would now be semi-retired, he was looking for someone to help him continue to service his long list of clients. He offered me the opportunity and after some soul searching to determine what I was truly passionate about, I decided to leave “traditional” teaching and move back to Albany and became a different type of teacher, a financial professional. And hence, Hulbert Financial Group was born.

Over the last 30 years, HFG has evolved into a holistic planning practice educating our clients
about the complexities of financial planning. To this day, I find it very rewarding to be a trusted
resource to so many people:
  • To help guide clients through major life events.
  • To see them be able to retire and be financially independent because of the investment plan we put in place decades before.
  • To see their kids not be saddled with college loan debt because we showed them the best way to save for college.
  • To see families not be financially devastated because we put appropriate insurance protections in place.
  • To make the loss of a parent or spouse a little less difficult because we put a solid estate strategy in place.

This is why HFG exists. Our mission is to help our clients build, manage and preserve their wealth, all while making them feel like a priority. And we take this mission seriously! With all the choices and conflicting advice out there, knowing the right thing to do is difficult. My teaching background aided me in being able to simplify the complexities of investing and insurance and my team is made up of professionals who think the same way. We enjoy educating our clients and seeing the relief on their faces when they leave our office with the confidence of knowing they are doing the right thing.

This is what we live for and if you’re not currently a client, we hope
you’ll consider Hulbert Financial Group to assist you in your financial
planning journey. We’re happy to help!